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Altitude Simulation

DigiVac offers easy solutions to altitude simulation.

DigiVac has been helping government agencies such as NASA and many private entities achieve simple cost effective altitude simulation for testing products and conducting altitude related research.  DigiVac has a set of vacuum regulation devices  designed to maintain vacuum control from 10 millitorr all the way up to atmospheric pressure.

StrataCapture DigiVac’s free software available in our store for download, its been used to help run thermal vacuum test (or T-Vac test) which for aerospace industries is used in order to simulate the spacecraft heating and cooling during orbit as it is exposed to the sun. The temperature cycles constantly while the vacuum level stays continuous the thermal tests paired with StrataCapture work well together especially when testing components for spacecraft providing easy and accessible readings when needed.

If the perfect solution involves precise vacuum regulation for an existing or new vessel, contact DigiVac  to make altitude testing easier!