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New At AVS: OptraVac | Highly Accurate Direct Vacuum Gauge

Fiber Optic Technology Meets High Vacuum Measurement

New At AVS 2015: DIGIVAC—wants your feedback on New Vacuum Technology coming to the market—a prototype is available for viewing and discussion at booth #622, October 18th-23rd, during AVS at the San Jose Convention Center.

People working with high vacuum are met with 2 problems:

1. The vacuum region from 1×10-5 to 1×10-7 Torr requires devices that employ indirect measurement technology such as cold and hot cathode gauges with typical accuracies of +/-  30%, which is considered acceptable. An accuracy range of better than +/- 5% is considered almost unattainable with current measurement technologies

 2. Many academic and industrial processes use a mixture of gasses other than Nitrogen, without establishing an appropriate correction factor, the accuracy of all indirect gauges is compromised

Since most indirect measurement gauges are calibrated in Nitrogen, measuring pressures of different gases with different properties requires a correction factor. Gas correction factors are often based on a particular gas. Therefore, applying gas correction factors for a mixture of known or unknown gases becomes more challenging. This is especially true if the ratio of gasses changes throughout the process.

If there was a solution to these problems, would you want to learn more?

Please Note: OPTRAVAC is in late stage development. Prototype can be viewed at Booth 622 during AVS.

OPTRAVAC | Helps Solve Common Problems Facing Vacuum Measurement in the Vacuum Region (1×10-3 to 1×10-7 Torr). 

1. High Accuracy in High Vacuum: The OPTRAVAC optical sensing technology (OST) was originally designed for underwater acoustic microphones that required not only sensitivity, but signal refinement to detect specific vessels through 500 miles of water. This technology combined with a similar signal conditioning extends the dynamic range by 2 decades, giving the ability to sense a deeper vacuum in ranges previously unattainable. OPTRAVAC demonstrates linearity, wide dynamic range, repeatability at measured pressure levels, and total error of less than 1% of reading.  

2. Avoids EMP and Electrical Interference: OPTRAVAC will be the only Isolated and Passive sensor technology available. Unlike other medium and high vacuum measurement technology, it is immune to electromotive pulse (EMP), electrical interference, and magnetic interference. Why is this important? You avoid sensor degradation and inaccurate readings.

OptraVac Prototype Exhibited at AVS 2015

Please click here for a published technical paper on this optical technology.

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