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DigiVac just received a groundbreaking patent that commercializes the use of proportional control applied to a vacuum bellows valve.  The benefits of this approach to vacuum control are immense. Previously, there were valves that you could control big vessels but were not precise. And there were precise proportional valves but were only good for controlling smaller vessels. 

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Vacuum Drying Temperature-Sensitive Materials Effectively

Some materials are super sensitive to temperature making it more  difficult  to vacuum dry . It is crucial  to make sure that the temperature remains constant as it can  end in a loss of materials if an error were to happen. Not being able to completely control your vacuum can result in  making you restart the process back to square one. 

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Benefits of Automating Your Vacuum Oven Control

The precise vacuum control of the SNAP is driven by the integrated patent-pending Dinamo valve with delivers both proportional vacuum control as well as proportional bleed control and supports high flow with KF25 orifices so its ideal for your larger cubic foot ovens. The internal sensor is isolated from your vacuum drying process so that the sensor won’t get contaminated and vapors will not disrupt your readings. The SNAP is designed for highly precise control and is ideal for automating vacuum oven control in the 1 torr to 775 torr range. With the SNAP you are able to Automate your vacuum control through the click of a button.

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6 Questions To Answer When Selecting A Vacuum Gauge

6 Questions To Answer When Selecting A Vacuum Gauge Selecting the right vacuum gauge may seem like a trivial task, but it can have big impact on your process and outcomes. Most people who are selecting a vacuum gauge are not sure which one to use. Often, they have to spend time studying the manufacturer’s product line to figure it out – who has time for that? If you know what kind of vacuum gauge you need for your work, this blog isn’t for you.  For anyone else, read on…. After several years of helping people find the proper vacuum

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