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What Technology is Best for Precision Vacuum Measurement?

INTRODUCTION: Any time you try to do a job with inaccurate data, it will take longer and cost more. You know this deep down, but if your gauge is sub-par, maybe you’re just a bit attached to that ol’ hunk-o-metal you’ve been using. There are many industry discussion groups out there with posts from seasoned professionals in the vacuum industry which urge that technicians should not opt for cheap equipment, which often sacrifices accuracy in vacuum measurement. If the inaccuracies are great enough,  a job will never get done properly. For this reason, it is important for professionals and technicians who 

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7 Easy Steps To Finding Leaks and Moisture in HVAC Systems

INTRODUCTION: When troubleshooting an HVAC system, finding leaks and moisture can sometimes take longer than fixing them, especially if the initial diagnosis is wrong and repeat trips to the customer are needed. Follow these steps to get fast, reliable answers from the analytics in your vacuum gauge. You can also watch a video of these steps in action, in the field, from a 30-year veteran who says this new process makes his life a whole lot easier! And we didn’t pay him to say that, honestly…..

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