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3 Benefits of Vacuum Distillation in Low and Medium Vacuum

Vacuum Fractional Distillation 3 Benefits of Vacuum Fractional Distillation in Low and Medium Vacuum When the general public thinks about distillation, they are thinking moonshine or whiskey. In an industrial context, however, vacuum fractional distillation is a process by which vapor from a heated liquid mixture is condensed as it rises through a vertical column. Vacuum is a key component of this process. There are three key benefits of this method, and this post explains why, providing context in biomedical/biological research applications and in the methods used by oil refineries.  How Vacuum Fractional Distillation Works  The aforementioned column, through which

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Controlling Vacuum Ramp Rate to Solve Manufacturing Process Challenges

Controlling Vacuum Ramp Rate to Solve Manufacturing Process Challenges In the manufacturing industry, it is common practice to manually turn valves to achieve a ramp rate that ensures the material of interest is not sucked out.  Consistent process control is critical; if manual, this can be very difficult to do accurately in medium or high vacuum situations. Sometimes, a few modifications to existing technology achieves a very slow initial evacuation using a ramp rate of 126 Torr/hour so as not to disturb the material of interest, while achieving an ultimate vacuum below 100 microns, all automatically. To learn about a

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