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DigiVac Case Study: Automatic Vacuum Pump Down Control System

Featuring the DigiVac StrataVac Touch vacuum controller and Agilent IDP-10 vacuum pump

“A large research laboratory reached out to DigiVac to help them automate their Vacuum Stations. They wanted to move from their current process that included manually-actuated electronic valves to an automated vacuum control system.”


You can access and continue reading the full case study by clicking here.


You can watch several videos describing the new configuration by clicking any of the hyperlinks below.


The images below show the progression of the case study. More information on each of these figures can be found in our full case study.

Figure 1. Customer’s Manual Configuration

The customer’s setup consisted of multiple vacuum systems, each having a number of electrically powered pneumatic valves which required a technician to manually operate.

Figure 2. Customer’s Automatic Configuration

A sophisticated automated vacuum control system requiring minimal supervision or operation, using advanced software-controlled processes to pump and vent a chamber in accordance with the customer’s vacuum process needs

Figure 3. Customer’s Validation Configuration

Adding additional instrumentation for verification of automated system

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