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Digivac Policy Information | Warranty, Product of Origin and Shipping

Digivac Policy: Warranty

All gauges leave the DigiVac Company only after testing under actual vacuum and calibration against a NIST traceable standard.  The Digivac Company warranties all gauges for workmanship and function for a period of 1 year.*  Any gauge will be repaired and returned free of charge for any defects in workmanship or function, FOB Morganville, NJ.  Any gauge that becomes damaged (for example: tube contaminated, flashback or physical damaged) may be returned to DigiVac for repair at a time and materials rate.  Please call Digivac with a request for Return and an RMA number will be issued.

*Note: Sensors also known as tubes or probes are not covered under this manufactures warranty.

Product Origin: USA 

All vacuum instruments and services that DIGIVAC sells are made in the US with minor non-US contributing parts content.  All manometers are purchased from U.S. companies and are assumed to have majority US content.  Some accessories such as computers and printers are purchased from American companies that may have undisclosed international parts content.

Shipping Policy 

All items posted on our web site will be shipped within 2 weeks of an order being placed, and most likely will ship the next day.  Please feel free to call DigiVac for a status.  Buyer pays shipping: FOB, Morgaville, NJ.  UPS ground will be used unless otherwise specified.  DigiVac will not quote or sell to the following countries:  United Arab Emirates (entire Middle East), Haiti, Cuba, Zaire, Burma, Belarus, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Rwanda, Somalia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen & Zimbabwe.   DigiVac will not ship anything outside the U.S. unless that name and entity has been verified to not be on the consolidated screening list.  DigiVac ships globally, but must verify customers outside of the USA.  Contact us directly (email or phone) for international sales.