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Evacuation During HVAC Installation: An Important First Step

HVAC Coolings SystemWith every HVAC installation, there are a lot of steps to be followed. It doesn’t help when you have frazzled customers who haven’t had A/C in 4 days, where  the old man is disgruntled because this system is costing hundreds of dollars, and the wife looks like hell and just wants you to get out of there.

An important step in the installation process is to pull vacuum after the system has been sealed. The reason a vacuum is pulled is to clean out the system of impurities like air and water, and to verify the system is completely leak free.  

This can be done quickly and easily with a our Bullseye Micron Vacuum Gauge. Once the system is verified, only then is refrigerant added.  This evacuation step is so important to the optimal functioning of an HVAC system that some manufacturers actually require proof of evacuation.  

Completion of this crucial step will ensure you won’t have repeat service calls with those difficult customers again.

Learn how our new micron gauge takes the guess work out of pulling vacuums in 7 Easy steps pinpointing leaks and moisture in HVAC systems