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What is Altitude Simulation?

Altitude simulation testing is a process in which various materials and instruments are tested under varying degrees of air pressure – especially low – to test the adaptability and reliability of said materials and instruments. The materials and instruments can be anything from packaging materials to electronics – if it’s going in the sky, an altitude simulation test has probably been done or needs to be done on it.

These tests are meant to simulate the different altitudes that these products would have to endure, and to check their reliability when under such pressure changes.

There are a plethora of industries that require or find altitude testing useful, such as in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics, packaging, commercial transportation, and so on.

Why is Altitude Simulation Important?

From being shipped across the globe via air freight or going across mountains in a truck, a lot of materials and products tend to be exposed to plenty of air pressure changes. Altitude simulation, therefore, can help ensure products and packaging remain intact across the various changes it may become exposed to. Tests can also be run to improve the integrity and quality of products or materials that will be exposed to air pressure fluctuations.

Altitude Simulation Product Highlights

Here are a few products that easily lend themselves to altitude simulation testing! Not to mention the various vacuum regulation devices DigiVac offers.

SNAP with an External Quantum Sensor: The SNAP optimizes vacuum control by automating it, allowing users to have a bit more of a hands-off experience with their process.  It can also save up to 10 recipes, with 24 steps per recipe, allowing for an automated yet repeatable testing operation.  The addition of the external quantum sensor lets it read deep vacuum, lending itself to aerospace testing applications as well.

Bullseye DASH: The Bullseye DASH is a vacuum sensor that can be taken anywhere to test and validate various equipment on the go.  It’s compatible with a wide variety of capacitance manometers already out on the market, so hooking it up to a system to check sensor readings is an easy, hassle-free task.

StrataCapture: Need a way to record data testing in real time?  The StrataCapture is DigiVac’s solution to data collection and recording as it can capture and record tests being done.  It’s compatible with the SNAP and can transmit the controller’s information directly to any PC or laptop.

Want to Know More?

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