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How to Set up Wifi for the StrataVac 2018

StrataVac 2018 Screenshot needing Edits

The new StrataVac 2018 comes in multiple configurations, one being the wifi option. If you chose to get your StrataVac with a wifi card for easy online connectivity and monitoring, your first step will be setting up the SSID with your network.

How exactly do you set up the StrataVac wifi?

1. Locate the gauge’s SSID and password on the bottom of the instrument

2. Connect to the network provided and visit

3. In the menu options (three horizontal lines) go to gauge>customerStrataVac w Cap Man

4. Set customer and gauge IDs for all sensors

5. Return to the menu and select “wifi”

6. Use your workplace credentials to login to your network

7. Enter your IP address

8. Test connectivity with a telecommunications program

9. Reconnect to your workplace network, if disconnected

10. Visit and login with one of your gauge and customer ID pairings

This is just a brief step by step instruction guide for setting up the wifi connection between your StrataVac unit and your workplace network. Check out a more in-depth instruction guide on our product page. This document also outlines some troubleshooting methods, including the steps to take if a connection is not made, how to make readings appear on if the connection is made but readings are not visible and other troubleshooting methods. We also have customer examples that demonstrate use cases and benefits.