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Using Digital Vacuum Instrumentation in HVAC and Refrigeration repair and maintenance

The use of a digital vacuum gauge in HVAC and refrigeration maintenance can greatly increase the effectiveness of service calls and reduce the likelyhood of unpaid return visits to customers.

There are often 5 phases of an HVAC call:

  • Refrigerant Recovery
  • REFR system repair
  • Leak Check
  • Evacuation
  • Charge
The DigiVac HVAC Gauge is an ideal vacuum gauge to use in this process.  First, the gauge is highly accurate and can sense small changes in pressure.  A consistent accurate instrument will give you the confidence necessary to diagnose difficult HVAC problems such as leaks and system contamination.
If the system is evacuated and sealed off, you’ll likely see one of 3 scenarios:
  1. A small leak up and then a steady micron reading
  2. A larger leak up then a steady micron reading
  3. A continuous leak up to atmosphere
Knowing this, action can be taking to address the leak, further evacuate or know for certain that the job is well done.

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