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Custom Vacuum Solutions-Practical Application + Engineering Excellence

A custom vacuum solutVacuum controllerion approach starts with a customer who has an engineering challenge in a specific, unique environment. By going to an OEM with a strong team of engineers, a customer can often get free advice initially, and, ultimately, the solution s/he needs. Often, though, research and product design engineers wrestle with an engineering challenge longer than necessary, which can often be costly in terms of system failure, downtime and loss of productivity. Why wait?

The types of engineering challenges that come to an OEM are robust, otherwise the customer would have come up with an answer on their own much sooner. For example, a foreline solution to prevent oil backstreaming or a vacuum solution for a plasma treatment process, to name a few. This is why an OEM, who also does custom solutions, is a valuable resource to tap!  The most successful methodology involves an iterative approach. During the design process, different combinations of components are often tested iteratively until the specifications have been met. During this process, additional client needs are usually discovered, which may impact the final design. In summary, the benefits to partnering with an OEM of vacuum gauges for a custom vacuum solution are:

  1. Free initial advice/training.
  2. Faster learning curve.
  3. All hands on deck: a team of expert vacuum engineers to brainstorm a challenging solution.
  4. Gain access to all the components needed to meet the specification without having to buy them.

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