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Automate & Optimize your Vacuum Oven Drying with SNAP

SNAP (Simple, Nimble, Automatic Process Controller)

DigiVac conducted research in our lab to demonstrate to test two things commonly used when doing desolventization or vacuum oven drying:

  1. Responsiveness of using Temperature Verses Vacuum to modulate the process
  2. Or using the new Digivac SNAP Vacuum Controller to modulate and optimize the vacuum oven drying process versus using the manual isolation valves that came with the vacuum oven

Vacuum Oven Drying is optimized by a combination of Temperature and Vacuum.

Onboard Temperature and Vacuum Control for Most Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum ovens come with excellent temperature control mechanisms, but many are paired with manual isolation valves for vacuum. What this means is that, you can set your temperature digitally, but you have to turn valves to adjust the pressure in the chamber. The digital temperature controls are great for setting and keeping the temperature at a set-point to help avoid degradation of your product, but if anything starts going wrong during your process temperature adjustment takes TOO LONG and is not where it is at! 

Vacuum | Chamber Pressure: Going full tilt with your vacuum pump then running for the manual isolation valve when your product is muffining isn’t the most reliable either. Mechanical vacuum gauges make it hard to identify exactly what vacuum level you are at. The gauges don’t give you digital readouts and the resolution of inches of mercury is low. 

Benefits of Adding a SNAP Vacuum Controller to Your Vacuum Oven

  • Faster:  Bottom line is that you can rely on vacuum to quickly make changes in your process more than you can temperature. 
  • Precise: And using a manual valve isn’t precise. There is too much of a margin of error when dialing in your vacuum level. 
  • Automated: Adding a vacuum controller to your vacuum is essential for optimizing and programing vacuum drying tailored to your product’s and solvent combination boiling point and temperature sensitivity parameters.

Learn more in this video about how the new DigiVac SNAP Vacuum Controller can automate your vacuum drying process quickly with a touch of a button! Looking to create a more repeatable process? Choose SNAP to help you make vacuum drying science simpler.