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  • Portable Micron Gauge Case for Model 100H


    Case for carrying model 100 gauges


    • Protects model 100 gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Over the shoulder strap makes transportation hands free
    • Large compartment that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Great for incidents where field vacuum measurements are necessary
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  • The 22w active gauge vacuum transmitter

    Active Gauge Vacuum Transmitter with Replaceable Sensor | Model 22W



    Ultra-compact active gauge vacuum transmitter with no-tools required replaceable sensor


    • Efficient design with no moving parts for durability and reliability
    • Active gauge vacuum transmitter measures full range of rough vacuum pinpointing either gross/ fine errors or leaks
    • Includes RS232 and 5 Volt Analog output



    • Freeze dryers
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Assembly lines
    • Vacuum ovens
    • Laboratory


    Also see the model 22w vacuum gauge and controller with LCD screen

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  • Agilent 536 Tube sold by DigiVac

    Agilent / Varian 536 Thermocouple gauge | L6141303 – Out of Stock



    Agilent/Varian 536 Thermocouple gauge tube L6141303

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  • Model 215V digital vacuum gauge controller with thermocouple gauge

    Vacuum Controller Plus Sensor | Model 215V



    Highly useful vacuum gauge controller with integrated fail safe set points, analog out and RS232


    • Comes pre-calibrated against a NIST standard with an Agilent 531 thermocouple sensor
    • 2 control relays (set-points), type C rated at 7A and 250V
    • 5V analog output and RS232 vacuum indication which enables integration to a wide variety of systems
    • Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs
    • CE compliant when sensor upgraded to Agilent 536


    Optional Features:

    • 2C
    • 5V5T
    • DS
    • Ethernet
    • RS232
    • NIST Calibration
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  • DigiVac's Hard Case for Bullseye Preceision Gauge

    Hard Case for Bullseye Precision Gauge I Protective Case for the Bullseye



    Hard case for carrying the Bullseye Precision Gauge


    • Protects Bullseye Precision Gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Large compartment with foam insert that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Protects instrument investments


    *Gauge shown in image to the left to be purchased separately
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  • Hastings Thermocouple Gauge Tube from DigiVac

    Hastings DV-4D Vacuum Gauge Sensor | Thermocouple



    This DV-4D Vacuum Gauge Sensor features an extra strong housing and can measure pressure between 0.01 and 20 Torr. Calibrated for nitrogen or air. Use conversion factors for other gasses. Uses thermocouple technology.

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  • Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland® 19 Rough Pump Oil



    Inland 19 is effective in those cases where operating temperatures are not a problem, especially in the lower speed belt-driven pumps. Providing the least backstreaming, Inland 19 is particularly well suited for use with the high grade diffusion pump fluids, such as the polyphenyl ethers, silicones, and ester-based fluids.


    • Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C: 3 x 10-5 torr
    • Boiling Point @ .01 Torr: 112 °C (234 degrees F)
    • Viscosity @ 40 °C: 54 cst (251 SUS)
    • Viscosity @ 100 °C: 8.1 cst (52.7 SUS)

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  • The Bullseye Precision Gauge With Vacuum Graphing

    Bullseye Precision Gauge with an Agilent 531 Sensor



    This rugged and portable vacuum gauge features visual graphing to pinpoint problems in real time (leak, pump, outgas, stable). Includes a powerful magnet and kickstand to enable hands-free operation.


    • Visual graphing feature right on the display.
    • Vacuum analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends.
    • Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level.
    • Hands-Free with a “hang up your overalls” strong magnet.
    • Long battery life and versatility with 12 different measuring units including micron, Torr, and inches of mercury.
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  • Stainless Steel O-Ring

    Centering Rings | Stainless with Viton® O-Ring



    Excellent resistance to acids, fuels, mineral and vegetable oils and greases, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, non-flammable hydraulic fluids (HFD) and many organic solvents and chemicals. Low swelling in ASTM oil No. 1, and IRM 902 and IRM 903.



    • High temperature resistance
    • Excellent resistance to aging and ozone
    • Low gas permeability, low compression set
    • Sizes include NW16 and NW25
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  • Dry-Ice Cooled Foreline Trap

    Dry-Ice Cooled Foreline Trap



    Dry-ice and alcohol is all that is needed to cool this cold trap to -100°C, thus trapping most volatile materials. Holding time is approximately 20 hours.


    • Ports for DIFT traps are offset
    • Inline configuration
    • 3 qt. cold bucket is easily removable and allows for viewing of alcohol/dry-ice level
    • Body of DIFT trap is stainless steel and electro polished


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  • Coalescing Filter Element

    Replacement Coalescing Filter (Oil Mist Eliminator) | Part No. GL915R



    DigiVac recommends replacing your coalescing filter every 6 months. A suitable filter replacement for the FK101B, FK401B and FK241B two stage exhaust systems. This oil mist eliminator is used to trap hydrocarbons in pump exhaust.


    During initial pump down or when using the gas ballast valve, oil vapors exhaust from the vacuum pump. The oil mist eliminator traps the hydrocarbons in this exhaust.


    • Eliminates Pump Oil Fumes
    • Returns Used Oil to Vacuum Pump
    • Traps Particles to 0.3 microns
    • Replaceable Coalescing Element


    This filter is included in the FK101B, FK401B and FK241B exhaust kits.


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  • Dual Sensor Vacuum Instrument | Model 276

    From: $742.11


    Benchtop vacuum instrument with dual sensors: a thermocouple vacuum gauge tube combined with a Piezo Sensor


    • The 276 leverages dualsensor technology that offers the unique ability to accurately measure throughthe entire rough vacuum range of 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr
    • Combines proven thermocouple and piezo technology for seamless measurement and accuracy
    • Excellent choice for distillation and vacuum drying applications where accuracy at 25 Torr and 500 millitor are important
    • Calibrated against a NIST standard


    Optional Features:

    • 2C
    • 5V5T
    • DS
    • Eth
    • RS232
    • NISTCal
    • mbar
    • PrintPlot
    • Length

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