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  • Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap

    4″ Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap Straight Choose 1″ OD, NW16, or NW25 | LN2



    *4 – 6 Week Lead Time

    Used to trap vapor and condense back to liquid after a system run, but prior to release from the trap.


    • Ideal cold trap for those that have a convenient liquid nitrogen source
    • Excellent molecule trapping capability due to -187 degree liquid Nitrogen
    • Helps achieve lower base pressure
    • High pumping speed for water vapor at the trapping surface

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  • Alcatel Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kit

    Alcatel Exhaust Filter | All In One Vacuum Pump Filter Kit


    The All-In-One Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System has proven to be effective for removing volatile and semi-volatile organics from exhaust of vacuum pumps and helping maintain a safe environment. Used with Alcatel Vacuum Pumps.


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  • FK101-B Exhaust Filter

    Two Stage Vacuum Pump Exhaust System | 12 cfm


    Maintain a safe environment with the All-In-One Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System. Proven to effectively eliminate oil mist while removing volatile/semi-volatile organics from exhaust of vacuum pumps.


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  • Apiezon L Vacuum Grade Grease 25g

    APIEZON L Ultra High Vacuum Grade Grease | 25g



    • A good, general purpose, high vacuum grade grease with an estimated vapor pressure is 2 x 10-11 Torr at 20° C
    • May be used on all ground joints in a vacuum system where it is essential to have a grease with good lubricant properties combined with an exceptionally low vapor pressure

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  • Inland 45 Vacuum Pump Fluid

    Inland 45 Vacuum Pump Oil | 1 Gallon | Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fluid



    Inland 45 vacuum pump oil is the highest quality synthetic oil you can use for your mass spectrometer and a number of other vacuum applications.


    • Low vapor pressure, and chemical resistance
    • High temperature stability superior to those of other high performance oils such as white oils
    • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and reclaimable
    • Miscible with petroleum-based oils, Freon, aromatic solvents, and flushing fluids
    • Excellent seal under full load
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  • Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland 19 Pump Oil | Lower Vapor Pressure Mechanical Vacuum Pump Oil | 1 Gallon



    Inland 19 pump oil is cost-effective in applications like mass spectrometers, processing, and freeze dryers. Yields improved pumping cycles and cleaner vacuum systems. Providing the least backstreaming, it is particularly well suited for use with the high grade diffusion pump fluids, such as the polyphenyl ethers, silicones, and ester-based fluids.


    • Vapor Pressure at 25 °C: 1 x 10-5 Torr
    • Boiling Point at .01 Torr: 112 °C (234 degrees F)
    • Viscosity at 40 °C: 55 cst (251 SUS)

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  • Varian 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor

    Agilent 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor, NW25 | Thermocouple Tube



    The Agilent 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor is a Thermocouple Gauge Tube

    The sensor is a welded 304 stainless steel version of the 531 with KF25 flange and an additional baffle that greatly extends the sensor life.

    Total Range: 1 millitorr to 760 Torr

    Range with Accuracy: 1 x 10-3 Torr to 6 Torr

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  • Agilent 536 KF16 vacuum sensor, NW16, thermocouple

    Agilent_Varian 536 KF16 Vacuum Sensor | NW16 | Thermocouple Tube



    The Agilent 536 KF16 Vacuum Sensor is a Thermocouple Gauge Tube with integrated baffle.

    It is a welded 304 steel version of the 531 sensor  with an additional baffle to greatly extend the sensor life when exposed to condensable gases.



    • Freeze drying
    • Low pressure distillations
    • Foreline monitoring
    • Transformer dry out
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  • Digivac's Foreline Solution Integrated into a vacuum system

    Prevent Oil Backstreaming | Interlock Foreline Solution


    Prevent roughing pump oil from back-streaming through forelines and contaminating a vacuum chamber in the event of a power outage

    • Protects high vacuum chamber and turbo pump from air contaminants and roughing pump oil back-streaming
    • Maintains vacuum of high vacuum side (about 2 Torr) in the event of a power outage
    • Allows in-situ testing of backing pump, avoiding the need to disconnect the pump
    • Read the application note here!

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  • DigiVac Bullseye Precision Gauge with Thermocouple Plus Sensor

    Bullseye Precision Gauge



    Patented portable vacuum gauge with innovative visual graphing features pinpoint the problem in real time (Leak, Pump, Outgas, Stable)


    • Visual graphing feature right on the display
    • Display pinpoints the root of the problem so you get it right the first time
    • Put it anywhere with its magnet and kickstand
    • Optional add on: Rugged carrying case designed for instrument, sensor and adapters
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  • DigiVac 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge | Battery Operated

    Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge with Hastings DV-6M



    Portable medium vacuum diagnostic gauge with large LCD


    • Ideal portable vacuum gauge for anybody needing to measure vacuum pressure with included Hastings DV-6M Thermocouple sensor
    • Rugged Gauge that operates on easily replaced D-Batteries
    • Perfect portable vacuum gauge for cryogenic servicing of vacuum jacketed pipe
    • Every DigiVac Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge is pre-tested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard
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  • Model 276 Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge

    Model 276 | Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge

    From: $890.00


    Benchtop vacuum instrument with dual sensors: a thermocouple vacuum gauge tube combined with a Piezo Sensor


    • The 276 leverages dual  sensor technology that offers the unique ability to accurately measure through the entire rough vacuum range of 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr
    • Combines proven thermocouple and piezo technology for seamless measurement and accuracy
    • Excellent choice for distillation and vacuum drying applications where accuracy at 25 Torr and 500 millitorr are important
    • Calibrated against a NIST standard


    Optional Features:

    • 2C
    • 5V5T
    • DS
    • Eth
    • RS232
    • NISTCal
    • mbar
    • PrintPlot
    • Length

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