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  • 10 Torr Capacitance Manometer

    1000 Torr Capacitance Manometer | High Accuracy Vacuum Sensor


    Full scale capacitance manometer with high accuracy for use in ambient temperature vacuum application settings


    • Sensor is double protected from harmful contaminants
    • Rapid recovery from atmospheric pressure
    • Excellent long-term signal stability
    • Clean room compliant

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  • DigiVac Bullseye Vacuum Gauge for processing

    Bullseye Precision Gauge with 536 KF25 Sensor | Vacuum Gauge for Processing


    A rugged portable vacuum gauge for processing applications that pairs unparralled vacuum measurement with the Agilent 536 sensor that has an integrated baffel which provides protection and helps reduce risk of sensor failure.


    • Visual graphing to detect problems in real time (leak, pump, outgas, stable) and has 12 measurement units
    • Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
    • Quick reading of vacuum level through large number display with back light
    • Has a strong magnet for hands-free operation
    • Long battery life and micro USB for in-lab use


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  • Cold Cathode Pirani Combination Gauge

    Cold Cathode/Pirani Combination Gauge | ATM to Ultra High Vacuum | 760 Torr to 7.6 E-10 Torr


    The KJLC® Cold Cathode/Pirani Combination Gauge measures from 7.6 x 10-10 to 760 Torr (1 x 10-9 to 1000 mbar) using a cold cathode and pirani combination sensor.


    • Feed-through is corrosive proof
    • Operating temperature of +5 to +55 °C (ambient)
    • Compact size easy for setup on most systems
    • Compliance & standards: CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS

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  • The Bullseye Precision Gauge With Vacuum Graphing

    Bullseye Precision Gauge -531 | included upgraded Agilent 531 Sensor



    This rugged and portable vacuum gauge features visual graphing to pinpoint problems in real time (leak, pump, outgas, stable). Includes a powerful magnet and kickstand to enable hands-free operation.


    • Gauge with Varian/Agilent 531 sensor
    • Visual graphing feature right on the display.
    • Vacuum analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends.
    • Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level.
    • Hands-Free with a “hang up your overalls” strong magnet.
    • Long battery life and versatility with 12 different measuring units including micron, Torr, and inches of mercury.
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  • DigiVac VPC Vapor Pressure Controller

    Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC)



    The Vapor Pressure Controller makes it easier to precisely distill, extract and isolate plant oils. 


    • Display of both the set-point and current vacuum control
    • Fine control of target vapor pressure for more precise compound separation through distillation
    • Flow path designed to be tolerant of harsh chemicals
    • CE and RoHS

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  • Model 215V digital vacuum process controller with thermocouple gauge

    Model 215V | Vacuum Process Controller



    The Model 215V is a highly useful vacuum controller with integrated fail-safe set points, analog out and RS232


    • Range: .001 Torr to 760 Torr
    • 2 control relays (set-points), type C rated at 7A and 250V
    • 5V analog output and RS232 vacuum indication which enables integration to a wide variety of systems
    • Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs
    • CE compliant


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  • Agilent IDP-3 Scroll Pump Sold by DigiVac

    Agilent IDP-3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump 60Hz with Power Cord


    The IDP-3 scroll pump is cleaner, quieter and easier to maintain than rotary vane pumps


    • Clean with less maintenance
      ~ Oil-free which means no pump oil changes
      ~ You don’t have to worry about oil back streaming or migrating into your process
    • Really quiet – you can easily have a conversation while it is running right next to you
    • Pumping Speeds of 2.1 CFM or 3.6 m3/h at 60 Hz with a base pressure of 250 millitorr

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  • Bluetooth Bullseye Piezo 775i Vacuum Gauge

    Bluetooth Bullseye Piezo 775i | Rough Vacuum Gauge | UL, CSA, CE Certified



    The Bullseye Precision Gauge Piezo-775i provides highly accurate and reliable vacuum readouts in the rough vacuum range .5 to 775 Torr and 11 additional measurement units.


    • Visual Graphing: Patented digital graphing capabilities (Pumpdown graph, Autoscaling line graph, and bar graph)
    • Remote Monitoring: Transmits vacuum information to cell phones or tablets via Bluetooth
    • Data Capture: Communicates with the DigiVac Cloud so you can view your vacuum process and record your data

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  • Bluetooth Bullseye Piezo 775i Vacuum Gauge

    Bullseye Piezo Rough Vacuum Gauge with Isolated 775i Sensor | UL, CSA, CE Certified



    The Bullseye Precision Gauge Piezo-775i provides highly accurate and reliable vacuum readouts in the rough vacuum range .5 to 775 Torr and 11 additional measurement units.


    • Visual Graphing: Patented digital graphing capabilities (Pumpdown graph, Autoscaling line graph, and bar graph)
    • Isolated Sensors: For use in dirty environments or where corrosive gases are in use
    • Certifications: CE, CSA, UL, and RoHS

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  • DigiVac weatherproof vacuum gauge

    Waterproof Bullseye Precision Gauge® with Bluetooth | Rugged and Waterproof Vacuum Gauge



    The DigiVac Waterproof Bullseye is the ruggedized version of the world’s first bluetooth vacuum gauge featuring a protective outer case. Allows for field use in any weather condition, including rain and snow!

    Waterproof Vacuum Gauge

    • Rugged Weather proof package, cable and sensor
    • Versatile digital vacuum gauge that you can monitor right from your phone or tablet (Apple ios and android) and share data via dropbox, email or google drive.
    • Enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Email time vs vacuum data to document leaks, baseline pressure or evacuation
    • Uses battery power or standard microB-USB power for longer monitoring of vacuum data lasting days or weeks
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  • Digital vacuum gauge and controller Varian 801 gauge replacement

    Model 801-W2C | Vacuum Gauge with 2 relays for process control



    The Digivac Model 801-W2C vacuum gauge combines fail-safe relays and rugged electronics for system integration and process control. Upgrade for Varian 801 pointer meter


    • Very simple and reliable vacuum instrument and process control
    • Most popular for customers building vacuum process control systems
    • Easily panel mountable with a drill bit and hole saw



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  • DigiVac Model 801W

    Model 801W | Wide Range, Panel Mount Vacuum Gauge



    The DigiVac Model 801W is an easy to read digital vacuum gauge that has a large numerical display which can be read from across the room.


    • Range of 0.001 – 760 Torr
    • Measures in Torr
    • Compatible with Varian 531 and 536 sensors
    • Ideal option to replace the discontinued Varian 801 pointer meter gauge


    Optional Features

    • RS232 (This output can be used to graph and plot historical data with the plotting software, and can also be used as a vacuum transmitter to a PLC or other device)
    • mbar
    • Hastings 4 hole mounting pattern
    • Linear by Decade scheme

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