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Vacuum Gauge Controllers

Each of our vacuum gauge controllers here at DigiVac is made to be a streamlined control system that you can integrate seamlessly into any system. No matter your industry or application we offer vacuum controller packages that are suited for your particular needs. Our controllers will give accurate readings and precise control with a variety of vacuum rated valves that our backed by our own research. We offer a range of vacuum throttle valves, bleed vacuum valves, and a valve that offers both proportional bleed and throttle control. Helping to ensure your systems operate at their optimal levels. Not sure which one of our vacuum gauge controllers are right for you? Contact us with your application needs and we can tailor a controller and valve package that suits your specific needs for control in medium vacuum, rough vacuum, or high vacuum ranges. DigiVac’s lines of vacuum controllers are one of the most flexible and reliable controllers on the market, backed by over 35 years of expertise. Contact us today to see how we can help you automate and optimize your vacuum system or vacuum application. We help make Vacuum Science Simplified.