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Varian & Hastings Gauge Controller Replacements

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  • Digital vacuum gauge and controller Varian 801 gauge replacement

    Vacuum Controller with 2 relays for process control | Model 801w2c



    The 801w2c vacuum controller combines fail safe relays and rugged electronics for system integration or upgrade Varian 801 pointer meter


    • Very simple and reliable vacuum instrument and process control
    • Most popular for customers building vacuum process control systems
    • Easily panel mountable with a drill bit and hole saw



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  • Digital vacuum gauge and controller Varian 801 gauge replacement

    Varian 801 pointer meter gauge replacement | Model 801-AC



    Use this digital vacuum gauge and controller as a drop in replacement for the Varian 801 pointer meter gauge with millivolt output and line powered.


    • Uses same exact mounting pattern as classic Varian Model 801 pointer meter gauge
    • Solid state electronics ensure long life
    • Has circuitry to avoid burning out Varian 531 sensor
    • Delievered pre-calibrated with an Agilent 531 sensor
    • CE compliant with Agilent type 536 sensor
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  • DigiVac Model 801W




    The DigiVac model 801W is an easy to read digital vacuum gauge that has a large numerical display which can be read from across the room.


    • Range of 0.001 – 760 Torr
    • Measures in Torr
    • Compatible with Varian 531 sensors


    Optional Features

    • RS232
    • mbar
    • Hastings 4 hole mounting pattern
    • Linear by Decade scheme

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