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Agilent 531

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  • DigiVac StrataVac with Bleed Vacuum Control

    StrataVac Controller | Bleed Vacuum Control Bundle



    The StrataVac bundle with bleed vacuum control comes with a sensor card, 536 KF25 sensor, VacStable Bleed Valve and valve controller card plus WiFi


    • Rich remote command line interface enables the user a high degree of remote control and monitoring from any browser
    • Bleed Vacuum Control helps increase molecular flow and throughput
    • Accuracy Range: .001 Torr to 6 Torr
    • Control Range: 1 Micron to 6000 Microns (.001 Torr to 6 Torr)


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  • Agilent 531 Vacuum Sensor Thermocouple gauge tube DigiVac

    Agilent / Varian 531 Vacuum Sensor | Thermocouple Gauge Tube | F0472301



    Varian type 531 thermocouple vacuum gauge tube


    • All metal, sturdy, structure
    • Used in applications requiring higher levels of accuracy
    • Range of 1 millitorr to 760 Torr
    • 15% accuracy
    • Electrically identical to Agilent 536 sensors
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