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cryo-ethanol extraction

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  • Sale! Fraction Finder for Ethanol Extraction Package

    Fraction Finder for Ethanol Extraction

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    The Arometrix FRACTION FINDER is the world’s first and only portable real-time molecular analyzer for ethanol extraction. This innovative system is composed of a patent-pending optical sensor and a touch-screen digital display, built to help extractors optimize their ethanol extraction process.


    • In-line UV fluorescence sensor installed on a shielded sight glass with real-time digital display
    • Portable and in-situ, ideal for confirming distillation contents at any given moment
    • Assess trends, observe for oddities, and optimize SOPs (standard operating procedures)
    • In-line molecular analytical system for ethanol extraction to determine when the extraction is complete
    • System includes: Fraction Finder display, sensor, cords, light-blocking tape, and sanitary flange sight glass
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  • Shielded Sight Glass with Fraction Finder Sensor



    This Shielded Sight Glass for the FRACTION FINDER comes with a sensor pre-installed, evacuation/purge cycle, vacuum and pressure tested, and sensor tested, with an enclosure designed for cryo-ethanol extraction and C1D2 environments. The Arometrix FRACTION FINDER is the world’s first portable real-time fraction monitor for extraction.

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