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Flanges & Fittings

  • KF 4-Way Cross | Available in KF16 and KF25 | Ideal for Adding a Port to Your System

    Four Way Cross available in KF16 (NW/QF) or KF25 (NW/QF)

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  • NW16 to male NPT Adapter NW16 to 1/8 inch NPT

    NW16 to male 1/8″ NPT Adapter, Stainless Steel Vacuum Fitting

    NW16 to  male 1/8″ NPT Vacuum Fitting an essential for Vacuum Processing Set-ups

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  • NW25 1" Hose Adapter

    NW25 1″ Hose Adapter, Stainless | Fits 1″ Vacuum Hose ID

    NW25 1″ Hose Adapter (KF25, QF25)

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  • vacuum grease

    Vacuum Grease for Leak Free Connections

    Vacuum Grease is ideal for lightly moistening the viton on the centering ring of KF fittings to aid in making leak free connections.

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  • Reducing Tee | KF25 to KF16 or KF40 to KF25 (NW/QF)

    This KF (NW/QF) Reducing Tee has 304 Stainless and is available in KF25 to KF16, or KF40 to KF25 size

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  • KF25 to 1/8" NPT Female adaptive tee

    KF25 to 1/8″ NPT Female Adaptive Tee

    Stainless KF25 (NW/QF) to 1/8″ NPT female adaptive tee

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  • KF40 High Vacuum Tee

    High Vacuum Tee with 3 way tee fitting with KF40 (NW/QF) ports

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  • NW16 to male NPT Adapter NW16 to 1/8 inch NPT

    NW16 to 1/4″ NPT Male, Stainless Steel Vacuum Fitting

    NW16 to 1/4″ NPT Male Adapter an essential vacuum fitting for vacuum processing set-ups

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  • KF16 Blank | KF25 Blank Vacuum Fittings

    KF16 Blank Kit or KF25 Blank Kit | Vacuum Fitting Blank Installation Kits

    KF16 Blank Kit and KF25 Blank Kit, stainless vacuum fittings installation kits (aluminum wing clamp and stainless o-ring).

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