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  • DigiVac weatherproof vacuum gauge

    Weatherproof Vacuum Gauge | Bullseye Precision Gauge® with Bluetooth | Rugged, Portable



    The DigiVac Weather-proof Bullseye is the ruggedized version of the world’s first bluetooth vacuum gauge featuring a protective outer case. Allows for field use in any weather condition, including rain and snow!

    Weather-proof Vacuum Gauge

    • Rugged Weatherproof package, cable and sensor
    • Versatile digital vacuum gauge that you can monitor right from your phone or tablet (Apple ios and android) and share data via drop box, email or google drive.
    • Enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Email time vs vacuum data to document leaks, baseline pressure or evacuation
    • Uses battery power or standard microB-USB power for longer monitoring of vacuum data lasting days or weeks
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