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vacuum process control

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  • StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller | Multi-Gauge Controller with Touchscreen | Rough to High Vacuum



    The StrataVac Touch is a premium vacuum controller with touchscreen display that allows you to monitor and/or control multiple areas of your vacuum system. Can be configured to cover a wide range of vacuum pressures from rough to high vacuum.


    • Easily see a snapshot of up to 4 of your sensors and up to 3 valves across your vacuum system
    • Can control vacuum through a wide range using a bleed or throttle valve
    • Combine 2 capacitance manometers into one reading to expand the range for direct measurement up to 4 decades
    • Need help building out a package to is custom to your needs? Contact Technical Support


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  • Bleed Vacuum Valve | VacStable by DIgiVac

    Vacuum Bleed Valve | VacStable | Rugged Vacuum Control for Venting Systems



    Vacuum control valve for precise bleed vacuum control to maintain pressures between 1 millitorr and 10 Torr.


    • Designed for industrial and R&D purposes
    • Works on the principal of bleeding in a very small flow of air, nitrogen, or other inert gases into a vacuum vessel
    • Bleed Gas Interface | hose barb for 1/16” I.D. hose


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