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10 Torr Capacitance Manometer | Highly Accurate Pressure Measurement


Full scale from 100 millitorr to 10 Torr capacitance manometer with high accuracy for use in ambient temperature vacuum application settings.


  • Sensor is double protected from harmful contaminants
  • Rapid recovery from atmospheric pressure
  • Excellent long-term signal stability
  • Clean room compliant

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Product Description


The 10 Torr capacitance manometer is a reliable and highly accuracy capacitance gauge that can measure vacuum from full scale from 1mT to 10 Torr with up to .2% accuracy.


10 Torr Capacitance Manometer Features:

  • Fast stability after power on and recovery from atmospheric pressure
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor
  • Excellent long term signal stability
  • Temperature compensated
  • Clean room compliant: sensor double protected from contamination
  • One push button zero function
  • 2 set-points and RS232 interface
  • Power and display measurement readings: StrataVac and StrataVac Touch



  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Vacuum etching
    • Chemical vapor deposition
    • Physical vapor deposition
    • Atomic layer deposition
  • Data storage and display manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial vacuum equipment
  • High accuracy pressure measurement applications



Units mTorr, Torr
Total Range 100 mTorr to 1000 Torr
Range with Accuracy 1mT to 10 Torr with up to .2% accuracy
Sensor Type
Certifications CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in


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