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Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap

4″ Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap Straight Choose 1″ OD, NW16, or NW25 | LN2



*4 – 6 Week Lead Time

Used to trap vapor and condense back to liquid after a system run, but prior to release from the trap.


  • Ideal cold trap for those that have a convenient liquid nitrogen source
  • Excellent molecule trapping capability due to -187 degree liquid Nitrogen
  • Helps achieve lower base pressure
  • High pumping speed for water vapor at the trapping surface

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Product Description

4″ Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap | LN2

In-line LN2 Cold Trap Overview

  • In-line LN2 Cold Traps are of the “cold thimble” design | Surface of the cold thimble containing liquid nitrogen at -187°C, being exposed to the vacuum system, rapidly condenses molecules in the vapor phase
  • Action provides the trapping effect and cryo pumping especially for water vapor the most common condensable in vacuum systems.
  • Pumping speed for water vapor at the trapping surface is 95 liters/sec. per sq. inch

Benefits of Cold Trap for Distillation

  • Vapor pressure for water vapor at the In-line LN2 Cold Trap is reduced to 10-21 Torr, “theoretical,” producing a low base vacuum
  • Other gases found in vacuum processes will be sublimated or liquefied at the cold trapping surface
  • This effect provides a convenient trapping or collecting mechanism


4″ Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap Features:

  • Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easily removable cold thimble
  • Electropolished cold thimble and trap interior | Provides resistance to corrosion and superior vacuum compatibility |Reduces the effect of radiant heat on the cold surface

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Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 25 x 12 x 12 in
Port Size

NW25, 1″ O.D. Tube, NW16


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