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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter | Up To 40 CFM


Looking for a Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter that works with Edwards pumps?

All-In-One Exhaust Filter Kit for Edwards Vacuum Pumps Models E15/8/12, E2M2/3/5/8/12, Rv3/5/8/12 and all Edwards W/ Nw25 Flange Up To E2M12, Rv12



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Product Description

A Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System is proven effective for removing volatile and semi-volatile organics from exhaust.  Using a pump exhaust filter helps maintain a safe environment.

This vacuum pump exhaust filter includes KF25 Clamp, centering ring, filter housings and filters.

Includes 2 stages:

Stage 1: Oil mist eliminator coalescing filter traps the heavy Hydrocarbons  Coalescing filter PUMP-XFIL-PSG925 $89

Stage 2: Absorbs and traps the volatile and semi-volatile organics from the pump exhaust and prevents these organics from entering the laboratory environment.  Carbon filter:  PUMP-XFIL-AC-10S

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