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Model 22W Replaceable Sensordigivacblk800

Model 22W | Active Gauge Vacuum Transmitter with Replaceable Sensor



Ultra-compact active gauge vacuum transmitter with no-tools required replaceable sensor


  • Efficient design with no moving parts for durability and reliability
  • Active gauge vacuum transmitter measures full range of rough vacuum pinpointing either gross/ fine errors or leaks
  • Includes RS232 and 5 Volt Analog output



  • Freeze dryers
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Assembly lines
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Laboratory


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Product Description


Active Gauge Vacuum Transmitter | No-Tools Required To Replace Sensor

  • Active Gauge—vacuum transmitter measures full range of rough vacuum pinpointing either gross or fine process errors or leaks |Measures from 1 micron to 760,000 microns (760 Torr) or atmosphere| Includes RS232 and  5 Volt analog output
  • Efficient—designed with no moving parts for durability and reliability/ No mounting is required
  • Replaceable sensor—field-replaceable allowing for longer transmitter life
  • Calibrated—Every Model 22W is calibrated and pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard
  • Applications—freeze dryers, refrigeration systems assembly lines, vacuum ovens, laboratory, and foreline gauge solution

Model 22W has a compact electronic package that fits right on top of the vacuum tube


There is no need to take up valuable benchtop or panel space!


Simple Set-Up of Vacuum Process Telemetry:

  • Plumb the vacuum gauge tube into your vessel
  • Plug in the Model 22W on top of the gauge tube
  • Run the low voltage power wire (provided) to the gauge
  • Connect the digital signals


Options:     LCD Display     |      536/CE rated tube     |     Measurement Units

RS232 output: can be used to graph and plot historical data with the DigiVac plotting software, and as a vacuum transmitter to a PLC or other device.


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 x 10 x 4 in


Vacuum Reference






Total Range

.001-760 Torr

Range with Accuracy

.001 – 2.0 Torr

Sensor Type






Panel Mount





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