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Agilent Exhaust Mist Filter for DS Rotary Vane Pumps | KF25 | 9499395

Product Details

This Agilent exhaust mist filter is commonly used on DS rotary vane pumps to stop oil mist from entering the laboratory environment.

  • NW25 | KF25
  • DS rotary vane pumps (DS 102, DS202, DS402, and DS602)
  • Part Number: 9499395

These exhaust filters are designed to be attached to the outlet of Agilent DS series rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their purpose is to purify the exhaust gas from oil mist. The oil mist filter is provided with a relief valve to protect the pump from overloads caused by excessive resistance on the-exhaust line. The oil element cartridge is enclosed in the case of the filter.

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Agilent exhaust mist filter 9499395
Agilent Exhaust Mist Filter, NW25, DS rotary vane pumps | 9499395