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IDP-10 vacuum pump with Inlet Isolation Valve | Agilent Dry Scroll Pump | 6 CFM

Choose the Agilent  IDP-10 vacuum pump with inlet isolation valve if you want to guarantee universal pumping performance at all input frequencies and desire a fail-safe integral isolation valve to prevent accidental contamination. Does not contain corrosive, explosive or particulate forming gases. Gives you remote speed control or on/off capabilities.

  • Clean with less expensive maintenance and possible downtime
    • Oil-free which means no pump oil changes
    • You don’t have to worry about oil back streaming or migrating into your process
  • Really quiet – you can easily have a conversation while it is running right next to you
  • Pumping Speeds of 6 CFM or 10.2 m3/h at 60 Hz with a base pressure of 1.5 x 10-2 Torr
  • A simple switch to change between high and low voltage usage
  • Fail-safe integral isolation valve prevents accidental contamination

Clean. Quiet. Reliable. Oil Free. Agilent IDP-10 Vacuum Pump

Innovative Hermetic Design with Inlet Isolation Valve

  • Isolated Dry Pumps (IDP) has fully isolated bearings and motor from the vacuum space, which prevents leakage and allows for recovery of process gases
  • A DSUB9 connector allows remote switching on/off of the pump as well as fine tuning of pump speed between 1350 and 1900 RPM
  • Are appropriate for helium recirculation as well as vacuum oven, and backing pump applications
  • Contains an Integrated Inlet Isolation Valve which protects against backward migration of air through the scroll pump inlet if the IDP-10 loses power. This isolation valve prevents sudden venting of your chamber or instrument if system experiences a power loss. The inlet valve is installed inside the pump which adds no extra height!

A cleaner environment inside the pump and your lab

  • IDP scroll pumps do not use oil, which can spill, leak or infiltrate the vacuum system. Good for your process, lab, and the environment
  • The hermetic design provides a clean gas path through the pump, which eliminates any risk of oil or grease contamination allowing the motor and bearings to run at atmospheric pressure, isolating them from exposure to vacuum process gases or water vapor

Less downtime, lower ownership costs

  • Traditional pumps demand hours of scheduled maintenance and eliminate expensive oil topping, changing, and disposal | plus the risk of pump seizure
  • IDP scroll pumps require simple tip seal replacements in 2-3 year intervals and can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Quiet and low vibration

Worried about vibration about delicate lab equipment? Worry no more! The Agilent IDP-10 pump operates as quietly as a normal conversation and the scroll design reduces vibration.

IDP-10 Vacuum Pump Speed: 170 liters per minute or 10.2 m3 per hour | 6 CFM

Base Pressure: 2.6 x 10-2 mbar or 2.0 x 10-2 Torr

A typical scroll pump like the Agilent IDP-10 will achieve a base pressure of 20 mTorr. When you see a gradual increase of your base pressure over time, it is time to change your tip seal

Inlet Connection: NW25

Exhaust Connection: NW16

You can purchase wing clamp and centering rings to go with your pump. Need help setting up your system for a specific application? We have a staff of vacuum engineers that can help build out a system that can meet your needs in one package. Just contact us

Common Applications: Microscopy instruments, Surface analysis instruments, Helium recirculation, and Thin film deposition


User Manual Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Stage Type
Ultimate Vacuum 2.0 x 10E-2 mbar (1.5 x 10E-2 Torr)
Max Pumping Speed 170 L/min (10.2 m^3/h) at full speed
Pumping Technology IDP, dry scroll
Gas Ballast Female, 0.25 inch, national pipe thread, (20 µm sintered plug provided)
Certifications CE, CSA, RoHS

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Agilent IDP-10 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump with Inlet Isolation Valve | 6 CFM | Power Cord Included
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