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The Agilent IDP-3 with Isolation Valve is a dry scroll pump does not contain corrosive, explosive or particulate forming gases. Part number IDP3B21.

This IDP-3 is factory installed with an Inlet Valve Kit, for applications where the process is sensitive to pump debris that can be carried back into the pump at turn off. These new Agilent IDP3B21 dry oil-free scroll vacuum pumps operate on 1 Ph, 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

  • Clean with less maintenance
    • Oil-free which means no pump oil changes
    • You don’t have to worry about oil back streaming or migrating into your process
  • Really quiet – you can easily have a conversation while it is running right next to you
  • Pumping Speeds of 2.1 CFM or 3.6 m3/h at 60 Hz with a base pressure of 250 millitorr

Clean. Quiet. Reliable. Oil Free

Hermetically Sealed: Dry scroll vacuum pump that employs a hermetic where the motor and bearings are located outside the vacuum space at atmospheric pressure which completely isolates all pumped gases

Easy on the Ears: Super quiet operation with noise level of around the normal speaking range

Less downtime, lower ownership costs: With regular use you can expect reliable operation and low down time. Tip seals should be changed in every 2-3 year intervals

Unlike traditional pumps that demand hours of scheduled maintenance, IDP scroll pumps require a simple seal replacement that takes about 15 minutes. And even this procedure can be performed infrequently, because Agilent solid tip seals are built to last up to 3 years.

Dry scroll pumps also eliminate expensive oil topping, changing, and disposal—plus the risk of pump seizure. Even better, you won’t have to worry about oil leaks/spills, or hazardous waste disposal of used oil.

Reliable Operation: Better performance than pumps of similar size Isolated Dry Pumps (IDP) rapidly pump down to low base pressures,
maximizing turbo pump performance and system reliability

Pumping Speed: 60 Hz / 24 VDC  60 L/min | 2.1 CFM

Base Pressure: 3.3 x 10-1  mbar or 2.5 x 10-1 Torr

Vacuum Interface: NW16 purchase with wing clamp and centering ring for leak free vacuum systems

Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Common Applications: Leak detection, Gas chromatography and Mass spectrometry, Helium recirculation

The Agilent IDP-3 is the lightest, most compact primary pump that you can rely on!


User Manual Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Stage Type
Ultimate Vacuum 3.3 x 10-1 mbar (2.5 x 10-1 Torr)
Max Pumping Speed 60 Hz/24 VDC: 60 L/min (3.6 m^3/h)
Pumping Technology IDP, dry scroll
Gas Ballast Female, 0.25 inch, national pipe thread (shipped with gas ballast port plug installed; 20 µm sintered filter provided)
Certifications CE, CSA, RoHS   Certification report

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Agilent IDP-3 Scroll Pump with Isolation Valve 60Hz with Power Cord | 2.1 CFM | IDP3B21