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Agilent 531 Vacuum Sensor is an accurate and reliable thermocouple gauge tube. Part Number F0472301

  • All metal, sturdy, structure
  • Used in applications requiring higher levels of accuracy
  • Range of 1 millitorr to 760 Torr
  • Range with Accuracy: .01 Torr up to 6 Torr (15% accuracy)
  • Electrically identical to Agilent 536 sensors

Vacuum Interface: 1/8″ NPT

Total Range: 1 millitorr to 760 Torr (accuracy specifications up to 5 Torr)

Range with Accuracy: 1 x 10-3 Torr to 2 Torr (1 x 10-3 mbar to to 2.7 mbar)

Please refer to the DigiVac Accuracy of Gauges using the Agilent 531 tube here

Agilent 531 Vacuum Sensor an accurate and reliable thermocouple gauge tube with 1/8″ NPT, F0472301 accuracy range .001 Torr to 5 Torr.

Equivalent to product code F0472303 and offers high resistance to vibration.

Gauge Tube, Thermocouple, 531, 1/8 in. NPT, 304L Stainless Steel, Laser Welded

Can be converted to NW / KF Interface using Female NPT adapter to KF

 Applications: foreline monitoring, vacuum roughing measurement, distillations


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Agilent 531 Vacuum Sensor F0472301
Agilent / Varian 531 Vacuum Sensor | Thermocouple Gauge Tube | F0472301