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Flat Aluminum Shelf for Ai AccuTemp 1.9 Cu Ft Vacuum Ovens

Ai Oven 1.9 Extra Shelf is a flat solid aluminum shelf for the AcuuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum ovens by Across. Aluminum is a great thermal and electrical conductor and is also remarkable for being both light weight and its ability to resist corrosion.

Designed with small lip for great visibility and for allowing maximum space when placing and removing your extracts. Fits 1.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens with slide-in shelves (no clips/brackets needed).

 Oven model        Shelf dimensions (width x depth)

Ai Oven 1.9 Extra Shelf, Aluminum

 Shelf thickness
 AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum oven 16 x 14.25″  2 mm


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Ai Oven1.9 Extra Shelf | Aluminum Flat Shelf for 1.9 size vacuum oven
Ai Oven 1.9 Extra Shelf| Flat Aluminum Shelf for Vacuum Oven