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Automated Calibration High Vacuum Pump-down System with Medium Vacuum Control

The DigiVac EXACT: Mobile Calibration Station


The Mobile Turbo Pumping and Calibration System by DigiVac is an automated pumping system with integrated standards, valves and pumps. Easily connect a vacuum chamber for pumping down to high vacuum down to 10 -6 Torr, vent to Atmosphere, or control at any point between .001 to 760 Torr.

Fully integrated with capacitance manometer standards plus high vacuum gauge that reads down to 10 -6 Torr, roughing pump, backing pump and turbo with integrated valves, controls and display.

  • Calibration range: 5 x 10-4 to 1000 Torr
  • Control Range: .001 to 760 Torr
  • Pumping Range: 10 -6 Torr to ATM
  • Fully integrated mobile high vacuum solution with one plug, and one switch to turn it on and off.
  • Safe.  Nothing will be damaged by an operator during normal operation or power outage.
  • One measurement number that delivers the range of 3 Capacitance manometers to give a direct pressure measurement range 
  • Additional gauge to measure down to 7.6 x10-6 for zeroing 0.1 Torr capacitance manometers
  • With the touch of a button: Vent your system, Isolate your system, apply full vacuum all the way to high vacuum or stabilize at a particular set point at the touch of a button.
  • Ready to plug into any vessel using industry standard KF40 connections
  • Safely connects the right vacuum pump to the vessel
  • Can also be fully opened to approach the high vacuum regime < 1 millitorr (1×10-3)

Ideal for automating and simplifying vacuum pressure control.

EXACT Package Details

Vacuum pumping systems, and those systems on vacuum carts are a way that a user can quickly integrate a pumping package on their vacuum chambers.  One of the challenges with many of these pre-packaged systems is that a user still has to install everything, wire everything up, implement valves, consider brown out and power off situations, and train an operator on vacuum system usage.  Turning the wrong valve at the wrong time can lead time costly down time and repair.  The DigiVac solution automates everything.  

The DigiVac simple approach takes care of all of those details in the world’s first complete turnkey integration of a vacuum calibration station with integrated pumping system.  Never before has there been the ability to roll up a vacuum pumping station, plug it in, connect it, and within minutes be controlled at particular pressure.  Now you can.


Who would use it ?


  • A manufacturing facility that wants to Validate or calibrate their vacuum gauges while installed on the systems to avoid costly down time required when sending gauges back for NIST certification
  • A researcher who is rehabilitating an older system and needs a pumping package with highly accurate standards to easily and quickly connect to a chamber.
  • A research lab that is trying to optimize the efficiency of distillation, and wants to experiment with different vacuum levels and its effect on the process outcome and cares about exact vacuum levels regardless of moisture or process gas composition.


The EXACT Mobile Calibration System Includes:

  • StrataVac Touch | PN: StrataVac Touch
  • 1000 Torr Capacitance Manometer with cert
  • 10 Torr Capacitance Manometer with cert
  • 0.1 Torr Capacitance manometer with cert
  • Dinamo | PN: VAL-DINAMO-SS
  • DPCP | PN: SEN-DPCP-11101117
  • Vat Valve | PN: Val-Bel-KF40-Vac-24
  • Vacstable valve | PN: VAL-BLD-KF16 
  • IDP7 with isolation valve | PN: PUMP-IDP7-1
  • IDP3 backing pump |PN: PUMP-IDP3B01-Inlet
  • Turbo pump 74FS | PN: X3502-64171
  • Cart 

Alternative Recommendations

The system is currently implemented within the StrataVac touch to give the user a full view of all the connected sensors.  However, a smaller form factor Fyra may be preferred for OEM integrations using machine to machine communication.

For wetter, corrosive or dirty environments, a capacitance manometer may be used.  For higher flow applications a larger Turbo or roughing pump can be used.  To reduce cost, high vacuum diffusion pumps and wet rough pumps can be used instead. If these Alternatives are what you are looking for please fill out the product inquiry for updated quote.


Q: Previous systems weigh over 250lbs making it difficult to move in the lab, is the system easy to move?

      The DigiVac EXACT offers an easy and movable solution by placing all the hardware and system features on a cart making it Mobile and light weight = 190lbs !

Q: Other Systems have taken up a great deal of (very expensive) floor space as it requires being plugged in at all times; How big is it and does it need to remained plugged in?

      The DigiVac EXACT is compact! ; the cart which is 38″L x 48″H x 21″D  condenses the manifold to the defined space, while offering the same abilities as previous systems. The system also has one plug, and one switch to turn it on and off making it easy to unplug the system when it’s not in use and move it out of the way.

Q: As they age parts are harder to get and requires substantial calibration time once per year. How often would the system need to be calibrated and how accessible are the parts if/when they need replacing?

      The EXACT is equipped with new technology that will last longer! Due to shortages specific parts may have longer lead times but we offer alternative solutions incase this is an issue! We do recommend calibration and provide services to keep you systems clean and working  however, there are options of onsite calibration being available or purchasing back-up sensors to rotate in when calibration services are needed and the specific part needs to be sent out.

Q: My application requires a specific accuracy. How accurate is the EXACT?

       The Manifold will provide the within range accuracy needed for the end user and will be calibrated for your needs.

Q: I would LOVE to give my technicians a modern solution that is ergonomically safer and easier to use. How easy and safe is it?

       The DigiVac EXACT provides a Fully Integrated  updated and easy to use solution! Plug it in and control vacuum. Safe to use as the valves will close in the event of a power outage. Its Modern features: Touch Screen, Logging, one touch operation simplifies  the process for you!

Product Demonstration Video

Introduction to the technology: the EXACT Cart system walkthrough


Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Depth of vacuum: 10-6 (limited by use of KF components)

Range of Vacuum: 10-6 to 760 Torr

Range of Control: 1 mt to 760 Torr

External Control options: RS232, USB and Analog

Display: 7”

Sensors: Quantum TriSENSE, 2 Agilent 536

Monitoring locations: Customer vessel, foreline, roughing line

Power off Safety: Yes.  System will not be damaged in the event of a power outage.

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DigiVac EXACT Cart: Mobile Turbo Calibration System | High Vacuum, Pump-down System with Medium Vacuum Control