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DigiVac Bullseye Precision Gauge with Agilent 531 Tube
Includes A Strong Magnet & Kickstand For Hands-Free OperationHard Case for the Bullseye Precision GaugeBullseye_Graphing_Animation

Bullseye Precision Gauge



Patented portable vacuum gauge with innovative visual graphing features pinpoint the problem in real time (Leak, Pump, Outgas, Stable)


  • Visual graphing feature right on the display
  • Display pinpoints the root of the problem so you get it right the first time
  • Put it anywhere with its magnet and kickstand
  • Optional add on: Rugged carrying case designed for instrument, sensor and adapters

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Product Description


The Bullseye Precision Gauge is the ideal portable vacuum gauge to serve many applications. This patented vacuum gauge offers Graphical Displays and graphics supporting real-time analytics (Leak, Pump, Outgas, Stable)


Numeric & Graphical Displays

See vacuum readings in either numbers or easy-to-read graphs


Calibrated & Precise

Delivered calibrated with thermocouple sensor under actual vacuum against a NIST standard (NIST certification and documentation is available for an additional fee)


Extended Battery Lifespan

Solid state electronics built into a handheld gauge that operates using AA batteries and lasts 70 hours



Vacuum pump monitoring, vacuum pump testing, baseline vacuum pump performance, & transformer dry-out, distillation monitoring


Bullseye Precision Gauge Accuracy

1 to 99 millitorr +/- 2 millitorr or 20%
100 to 2000 millitorr +/- 10%
2  to 6 Torr +/- 25%
Above 6 Torr Continuous and monotonic (increasing reading indicates increasing pressure)


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 x 10 x 4 in


Vacuum Reference





Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa

Total Range

1E-4 – 1000 Torr

Range with Accuracy

.001 – 2.0 Torr

Sensor Type

SEN-VGT500, Thermocouple Plus



Panel Mount


Vacuum Interface

1/8″ npt




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