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DCP Quantum | DuoSENS Capacitive Piezo Vacuum Sensor | Gas Independent

The Digivac DCP Quantum DuoSENS: Capacitive Piezo Vacuum Sensor for Highly Accurate Process Control Delivered Simply. 5 decades of gas independent vacuum measurement 0.01 Torr to 1000 Torr and a replacement for a 10 Torr capacitance manometer. The DCP is perfect for process vacuum with your Capacitance manometer as the focus.

5 Decades of Gas Independent Vacuum Measurement

  • Replacement for 10 Torr Capacitance Manometer
  • Gas independent vacuum measurement from 0.01 – 1000 Torr (+/-3%) includes integrated baffle to help avoid particulate
  • Replace multiple capacitance manometers with one
  • Blends capacitance manometer with piezo for the widest direct pressure measurement under $1500
  • Visual multi-color LED to indicate pressure range with bright yellow overpressure indicator to help avoid system damage
  • this is the DB9 Connection version, please inquire for FCC68 Version
  • 2 week standard lead time

The DCP Quantum transducer establishes new standards with an all-in-one measurement solution for a wide selection of vacuum applications.

Visual Pressure Indicator

Multi-color LEDs to indicate pressure range. Includes a bright yellow overpressure indicator to help you avoid system damage. This is very useful when not using a display controller.

Contamination Containment

Integrated baffle helps protect sensor elements from particulate contamination and increase its longevity


  • Wide range highly accurate vacuum measurement across 5 decades of vacuum, 1000Torr – 0.01 Torr (+/- 3%)
  • Reliable solid-state relay for process control
  • 0-10V for simple pressure communication to PLC
  • Integrated baffle to protect internal sensor from particulate contamination to help extend the life of
    the sensor
  • LED Color Pressure Indicator
  • Gas independent measurement
  • Automatic zeroing of piezo sensor


  • PVD coating
  • Plasma sterilization
  • Freeze-drying
  • Load-lock control
  • Furnace heat treatment

Quantum SmartSENS DCP | Wide range vacuum sensor

Why is the Quantum Gauge Series a Quantum Leap for Vacuum Measurement?

The Quantum Gauge Series is a quantum leap in simplicity and range for vacuum gauging. Smart pairings of sensor technologies that deliver what people really need.

All-in-one, highly accurate wide range vacuum measurement at a cost-effective price point.

This DuoSENS capacitive piezo vacuum sensor represents a “quantum” leap in simplicity and usability for processing and distillation applications. Instead of using a rough sensor and a traditional narrow range capacitance manometer, the Quantum DCP DuoSENS allows you to do all that direct pressure measurement in a small environmentally-friendly, low-power package.

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Vacuum Gauge comparison chart

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Data SheetOperation Manual

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.


Measurement and Accuracy Range 0.01 to 0.099 Torr: +/- 3%

0.100 Torr to 9.99 Torr: +/- 2%

10 Torr to 1000 Torr: +/- 3%

Supply voltage 12-30 VDC
Power consumption 350 mW (max)
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes
Internal fuse 100 mA (Thermal recoverable)
Digivac DCP Capacitive Piezo Vacuum Sensor
DCP Quantum | DuoSENS Capacitive Piezo Vacuum Sensor 0.01 to 1000 Torr, Gas Independent