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Automated Pump-down Cart with Leak Detection

The DigiVac EXACT Cart: Leak Detection Station


Mobile dry pump down solution that features a highly reliable Agilent 305 300 L/s turbo pump backed by an Agilent IDP15 9 CFM roughing + dry scroll  vacuum pump with an integrated leak detector.  All components are integrated on a rolling cart with 4” easy rolling ball bearing wheels with one plug that can plug into a standard 110V outlet.   The solution also features the turbo mounted with secure, but easily removed thumbscrews and an extra 3 feet of foreline hose.  The user can roll cart up to a vessel,  and the turbo can be mounted directly on the chamber using a conflat connection enabling higher vacuum.  This solution can be used for pumping down a vessel while being able to valve in a leak detector in the foreline to verify leak free connections.  A high vacuum gauge is included as well that can be powered and displayed by the easily viewable Turbo controller.

  • Fully integrated Very high vacuum pump down and leak check solution 
  • High Vacuum easy – extra forline hose and simple mounting and unmounting of the turbo pump allow easy installation of turbo directly on the chamber with conflat connections
  • Mobile – has everything necessary to easily wheel pumping capability to chamber or chamber section that needs the pumping – all with one simple plug.

Ideal for automating and simplifying Leak Detection.

EXACT Package Details

The purpose of this system is to provide all the features necessary to pump down a chamber to very high vacuum levels.  Connections need to be leak free, and leak detectors are the ideal tool to validate that leak free connections exist before spending valuable time pumping down to very high vacuum levels.

  • Open frame cart with 4” wheels with all the equipment below mounted, conveniently displayed and easily serviced
  • Agilent HLD PD03 portable leak detector
  • KF25 Bellows valve mounted on Leak detector for valving in leak detector to foreline
  • Agilent 305 Turbo pump with 6” conflat and air cooling
  • Turbo pump mounting plate with easily removable thumbscrews, and and an extra 3” of foreline hose
  • External Agilent turbo controller & high vacuum gauge readout
  • FRG700 Inverted Magnetron + Pirani High vacuum wide range combination vacuum gauge, KF25 with power and signal cable
  • IDP15 9 CFM roughing and vacuum pump
  • KF40 to 6” Conflat adapter, installed for high vacuum pumpdowns up to 10-6 Torr that don’t require a Conflat connection to achieve very high vacuum.


Who would use it ?

This solution was developed in association with Agilent to provide a simple, portable solution for scientists that need a mobile pumping and leak testing solution when very high vacuum levels need to be achieved in multiple parts of a system.



  • Agilent Leak Detector
  • 305 Turbo
  • IDP15
  • 3′ KF40 hose for connecting to a system
  • All mounted on a durable cart


Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Leak detector sensitivity: 5×10^(-12) mbar•L/s, 5×10-12 atm•cc/s, 5×10-13 Pa•m3/s

Turbo pumping speed: 300 L/s

Turbo ultimate pressure: <1 x 10^(-10) mbar

Turbo vacuum interface: 6” conflat

Turbo pumping speed, nitrogen: 250 L/S

IDP15 Pumping speed: 9.1 CFM

Gauge Range: 5 x 10^(-9) to 1000 mbar

Adapters Included: 6” conflat to KF40


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leak detection cart
DigiVac EXACT Carts: Automated Pump-down Cart with Leak Detection