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Edwards AIM200 Active Inverted Magnetron Gauge | AIM200-X-NW25

The Active Inverted Magnetron Gauge AIM200 is rugged and reliable and due to its compact size, LED light ring, integrated set-points and flexibility of connections/outputs, is suitable for a wide range of applications from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

Measurement Range: 7.501 × 10⁻³ to 7.501 × 10⁻¹⁰ Torr
Accuracy: 1×10-2 to 1×10-8 mbar ±30%

Features and Benefits

  • 360° LED light ring visual pressure indicator
  • Reduced footprint
  • Multipoint star striker
  • Analogue/digital
  • Wide range power supply
  • Drop in compatible
  • New magnets
  • Set-point relay


The AIM200 gauge head and gauge controller have been combined into a single compact unit, and features a very low stray magnetic field, coupled with reduced footprint and improved striking mechanism makes it the perfect choice for use within analytical applications where the gauge needs to be mounted in close proximity to sensitive equipment.

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Technical Specifications

General Product Information
Connection Vacuum Inlet Flange DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)
Weight 0.35 kg
Supply Voltage DC 15-48V
Dimension Length 3.62 in
IP Rating IP40
Supply Frequency DC Voltage
Dimension Height 1.81 in
Dimension Width 1.77 in
dimensionsCombinedLengthWidthHeight 3.62 in
3.62 in
3.62 in
Connection Power RJ45 (FCC 68) – Female
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Ambient Operation Max 50 °C
Temperature Ambient Operation Min. 0 °C
Product Pressure Range High Vacuum – 1*10-3 – 1*10-7 mbar
Medium Vacuum – 1 mbar – 1*10-3 mbar
Principle Of Measurement Cold-cathode vacuum gauge (IM inverted magnetron)
Material of Construction
Material Body Stainless Steel 1.4404 / 316 L / X2 CrNiMo 17 13 2
Material Exposed To Vacuum Stainless Steel 316L and 304L, Glass, Molybdenum, Trace of Nickel and Nickel iron
Material Filament Tungsten/Rhenium
Operation Conditions – Limitations
Pressure Inlet Continuous Max. 1125.09 Torr
Temperature Baking Max. (Elec. Removed) 150 °C
Pressure Inlet Max Overpressure 7500.62 Torr
Temperature Baking Max. 50 °C
Performance Data
Measurement Uncertainty 1×10-2 to 1×10-8 mbar ±30%
Power Consumption Max 4W
Pressure Measurement Max. 7.501 × 10⁻³ Torr
Pressure Measurement Min.. 7.501 × 10⁻¹⁰ Torr
Variant Gauges AIM200-X (linear 0-10V output)
Certificated Pressure Measurement None
Connectivity – Communication Interface
Connection electrical comms interface connector RJ45 (FCC 68) – Female
Setpoint Quantity 0
Status Indicator LED Light Ring
Communication Interface Protocol 2.0 – 10 V log linear with pressure AIM200

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Edwards AIM200 Active Inverted Magnetron
Edwards AIM200-X-NW25 | Active Inverted Magnetron Gauge | 7.501 × 10⁻³ to 7.501 × 10⁻¹⁰ Torr