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Extraction Finder | C1D2 Flow Adapter

***Note this process kit does not include the Extraction Finder just the Flow Adapter Pipping

The C1D2 Flow Adapter seamlessly turns your standard C1D1 Extraction Finder into a C1D2 Process and unit when paired.

C1D2 Process, composed of:

    1. C1D1 Solution: C1D1 sensor+ display+ power adapter for Hydrocarbon extraction.
      • Has 0.5″ flow path through sensor.
    2. C1D2 flow adapter: enables flow measurement without dimension flow rate or internal diameter of pipe
      • Flow interface: 1.5″ triclamp

Flow Adapter Applications

  • Water Hash
  • Solventless Extraction
  • Ethanol Extraction
  • Supports: Ethanol extraction, cryogenic ethanol extraction, centrifuge extraction (while the kit is designed for C1D2 environments, hence the polycarbonate shield around the sensor and sight glass – it has not officially been certified as C1D2. The kit is NOT designed for C1D1 environments.)

Watch our Behind the Scenes video of our R&D Testing for the Adapter Here!

Learn more about the Extraction Finder for Ethanol Extraction

The Arometrix EXTRACTION FINDER (part of the FRACTION FINDER product line) can provide real-time molecular analysis of key extraction molecules such as Cannabinoids, Chlorophyll, and Lipids. This information can inform the operator of when the process is over. Extractor lab technicians can now have an end in sight.

  • In-line UV fluorescence sensor installed on a shielded sight glass with real-time digital display
  • Portable and in-situ, ideal for confirming distillation contents at any given moment
  • Assess trends, observe for oddities, and optimize SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • In-line molecular analytical system for ethanol extraction to determine when the extraction is complete
  • System includes: Fraction Finder display, sensor, cords, light-blocking tape, and sanitary flange sight glass

In-Line Extraction Analysis

  • UV fluorescence sensor that attaches directly on sight glass
  • Real-time sensor readings which transmit to a digital readout
  • Graphical display for instant determination of fractions and intensity

Intuitive Molecular Tracking

  • Track relative concentration levels of Cannabinoids, Chlorophyll (A&B), and Lipids
  • See when the extraction is over with actionable molecular data
  • Set Molecule indicators and “Custom” wavelength ranges to track fluorescent signals for molecules of interest

Revolutionary Software Analytics

  • User-friendly touch-screen allows for overlaying and zooming in on wavelength fluorescence
  • Record, export, and review process data in a CSV file after the process
  • Update software with easily downloadable software with releases every few months

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Technical Specifications

C1D2 flow adapter Dimensions


User Manual 

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Extraction Finder | C1D2 Flow Adapter