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FYRA Bleed Vacuum Controller

The FYRA Bleed Vacuum Controller is a mass flow controller alternative solution for venting or bleeding in gasses (like nitrogen or argon) to a chamber. This process controller works in two ways: maintaining a particular vacuum or bleeding in a specific flow rate. It has an accuracy range of 1 mT to 6 Torr (which can be easily modified to include different sensors) and a Bleed Control Range of 10 mT to 6 Torr.

The FYRA Bleed is for distillation applications that would benefit from the increase of molecular flow (such as short path, freeze-drying, vacuum drying, and others) that you would get from the bleeding of gases into your system.  It has a flow range from 35 SCCM to 3620 SCCM.


Click here for a FYRA Bleed Control Example

Vacuum Science Simplified

We know vacuum applications can get complicated. FYRA was created to deliver scientific measurement and vacuum control simply with easy integration into almost any system in the market.

FYRA Features:

  • Easy integration into systems
  • Capable of driving multiple types of sensors (ex. piezo, thermal, active, passive, and capacitance manometers)
  • Has touchscreen and dial interface
  • Intuitively display and manage multiple sensors + control points
  • Comes standard with:
    • 10 Volt DC output for PLC integration
    • USB for data download + documentation of vacuum processing data-points

Benefits of Bleed Vacuum Control

  • Rich remote command line interface enables users a high degree of remote control and monitoring from any computer
  • Helps increase molecular flow and throughput which helps improve distillate quality
  • Reduces time and oxidation in boiling flask
  • Calibration— Every FYRA is calibrated and pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard


  • Mass Flow Controller Alternative for Vacuum
  • Micro-dosing
  • Gas Mixing
  • Catalyst for increased molecular flow and faster Vacuum Drying
  • Microscopy
  • Distillation (i.e. Short Path)
  • Plasma Treatment Control
  • Freeze Dryer recipe control

Case Example—A manufacturer wants to control their freeze drying process better, so they implement this vacuum measurement and control solution to maintain 300mT in batches to improve consistency, and can view the ongoing process from any browser by accessing 


  • Accuracy Range: 1 mT to 6 Torr (need accuracy in a different range of vacuum? This configuration can be easily modified to include different sensors)
  • Bleed Control Range: 10 mT to 6 Torr

3 Simple Steps for Vacuum Process Set-up with FYRA Vacuum Controller:

  1. Plumb the vacuum gauge(s) and valve into your vessel
  2. Connect the sensor, power, and I/O cables into FRYA
  3. Measure and control vacuum

FYRA/StrataVac Software: Connect USB port to laptop to take advantage of StrataCapture Software for data logging. 


User Manual Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, Pa, microns (choose mTorr), millitorr (mTorr), mmHg, Hectopascal
Control Range 1×10-2 – 5 Torr
Range with Accuracy 5E-4 -1000 Torr
Sensor Type 536 KF25
Dimensions 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep
 Flow rate (Vacstable):  off, and settable to 35-3620 sccm

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