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FYRA for End of Primary Drying Detection | Vacuum Drying Monitoring

The FYRA for End of Primary Drying Detection is a bundle that assists in detecting when most of the water or residual solvent from a product has been removed or the end of primary drying has been reached in a vacuum drying application.
This bundle includes the FYRA vacuum controller paired with a DPCP Quantum sensor, a KJL 275 Convection-enhanced Pirani Gauge, and a Convection enhanced gauge cable.  The DPCP Quantum sensor can measure a range from 10^(-6)Torr to 1000 Torr, while the KJL 275 has a range of 0.1mT to 1000 Torr.
FYRA for End of Primary Drying Detection Bundle Includes:

Vacuum Science Simplified

We know vacuum applications can get complicated. FYRA was created to deliver scientific measurement and vacuum control simply with easy integration into almost any system in the market.
  • Easy integration into systems
  • Capable of driving multiple types of sensors (ex. piezo, thermal, active, passive, and capacitance manometers)
  • Has touchscreen and dial interface
  • Intuitively display and manage multiple sensors + control points
  • Comes standard with:
    • 10 Volt DC output for PLC integration
    • USB for data download + documentation of vacuum processing data-points

DPCP Quantum Sensor

Sensor Details
  • Wide range highly accurate vacuum measurement across 5 decades of vacuum, 1000Torr –10^(-6)Torr (+/- 3%)
  • Reliable solid-state relay for process control
  • Integrated baffle to protect internal sensor from particulate contamination to help extend the life of the sensor
  • LED Color Pressure Indicator with over pressure notification
  • Gas independent measurement
  • Ceramic Coated
  • Automatic zeroing of piezo sensor

Lesker 275 Convection Sensor

Sensor Details
  • Gauge, Convectron Equivalent
  • Less prone to damage from mechanical shock or vibration than competitor’s tubes
  • Wide measuring range: 10E-4 (0.1 mT) to 1000 Torr
  • No changes to your process – a single vacuum gauge can monitor vacuum system pumpdown and venting
  • Helps keep process upa nd running even if it’s not a laboratory environment
  • 1/8″ NPT or KF25 (depending on selection)
  • CE marked, RoHS compliant
  • Only convection-enhanced pirani gauge with native KF25 interface

Convection Enhanced Gauge Cable

  • Interconnect cable
  • 10′ long
  • For use with Convectron Gauges, such as MKS Convectron Gauges and Lesker Convectron Gauges


  • End of Drying Detection
  • Freeze Drying Primary Drying Monitoring
  • Vacuum Oven Drying Monitoring and Detection
  • Life Sciences (API, Universities labs, & research)
  • Pharmeceuticals manufacturing

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User Manual Data SheetQuick Start

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, Pa, microns (choose mTorr), millitorr (mTorr), mmHg, Hectopascal
Control Range 1×10-2 – 1×10+2 Torr
Range with Accuracy 5E-4 -1000 Torr
Sensor Type 536 KF25
Dimensions 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep

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FYRA for End of Primary Drying Detection | Vacuum Drying Monitoring | for Lyophilization| CE, UL, CSA