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High Flow Vacuum Controller | StrataVac Touch Control Unit with 10V input for PLC integration with the Dinamo Valve

High Flow Vacuum Controller for PLC. Dinamo valve and StrataVac Touch controller combo by DigiVac. Ideal for large volume distillations. Patent-pending valve delivers proportional throttle and bleed control.

The Dinamo proportional valve was first introduced with the StrataVac controller as a way to proportionally isolate a vacuum pump from a chamber as well as vent that same chamber from a single valve module.  The benefit of this Dinamo valve module is precise vacuum control while still having high flow made possible from the large flow paths. 

Falling Film Control: This novel dual valve module design will make your start-up procedure much easier and quicker. Very simple to set-up and start using in less than a few minutes, the DINAMO will reduce the amount of time you spend opening and closing a bunch of valves in different locations.

Get More Flow with Dinamo! Ideal for Falling Film Control and Vacuum Distillation Processing

  • Precision Vacuum Control & Intuitive Design
  • Solvent Recovery Control: RotoVap, Falling Film
  • Rough vacuum control: Seamless vacuum control 2 Torr to 775 Torr (system includes hermetically sealed SS Piezo vacuum sensor)
  • Vacuum processing: Falling Film, Wiped Film Evaporation
  • Unique Vacuum Control: proportional throttle and proportional bleed control all in one unique valve
  • Recipes: Program RAMP and HOLD vacuum at different a duration (Time) and vacuum level (Torr)

UNIQUE DUAL VALVE DESIGN | Dinamo | Ideal for Falling Film and High Volume Processing

  • Manufactured and Designed by DigiVac
  • Twice the Control | Fine proportional control and bleed control to vent to ATM all in one valve
  • Pipe in Dry Gas for Clean and FAST Venting
  • The Dinamo valve delivers precise vacuum control with the benefit of being able to pump down large vacuum chambers very quickly


  • Innovative Valve Design with High Flow and Fine Solvent Recovery Control
  • Regulate Chambers from 1 to over 100 Liters
  • Low Power Consumption
  • The vacuum valve can either be fully open, partially open or partially closed.  Similarly, the vent valve can either be fully open, partially open or partially closed. 
  • Calibrated under actual vacuum against a NIST standard (NIST certification with documentation is an available option)


  • Maximum Throughput
  • Faster Pump Down
  • Control at Deeper Vacuum Pressures

StrataVac 10V Input for PLC Integration

StrataVac Touch controller with no display: supports OEM using their existing 0-10V PLC output to precisely control vessel pressure in the same way.  For example, if the desired pressure for a chamber is 200 Torr, simply set the PLC output to 2.0 Volts, and the pressure within the vessel will be 200 Torr.  Below is a table of these values.


Voltage Input Pressure maintained (Torr)
< 0.01 Vacuum valve fully open, vent valve fully closed
0.01 1
0.5 50
1 100
5 500
7.6 760
> 9.5 Vent valve fully open, vacuum valve fully closed

Get Your Falling Film Vacuum Controller Today! Makes Falling Film Applications a Breeze.

Don’t have a PLC? This system is also available with a Touch Screen Display here


User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide DV CUP Cheat Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar
Control Range 0.5 – 775 Torr
Range with Accuracy 0.5 – 775 Torr +/- 5% of reading
Sensor Type SEN-775i
Certifications CE, UL, CSA (planned for 1H 2020)

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High Flow Vacuum Controller for PLC Dinamo Digivac
High Flow Vacuum Controller for PLC | DINAMO + StrataVac Bundle with input for 10v from PLC