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HyVac 14 Vacuum Pump | 5.6 CFM


Made in America, the HyVac 14 is a great general purpose roughing pump capable of vacuum pressures to 1×10-4 Torr or .1 micron. 1/2HP open motor 60hz

  • 1/2HP OPEN MOTOR 115/230V 60HZ

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Product Description

The HYVAC vacuum pumps are equipped with a gas ballast valve, which helps purify the oil of condensable vapors and limit corrosion. The pumps use the standard NPT fittings on both intake and exhaust ports to allow for quick connection/disconnection to vacuum systems and for easy adaptation of optional equipment. The pumps are supplied with a charge of oil and an extra quart of HYVAC Pump Oil. The pumps have a drain cock for ease in changing oil and can be equipped for external oil filtration systems.
The HYVAC pumps are designed with an easily viewed, oil level sight glass, OSHA approved belt guard, capacitor start motors, on/off switch, electrical cord, and a sturdy base with bolt holes for mounting or installation of vibration isolators.

Additional Information

Shipping Dimensions 13 x 11.5 x 17.25 in
Base Pressure (Microns)

15, .5

Number of stages

1, 2

Pumping Speed

2.8 (cfm), 79 (liters/min.)

Power Input

115/230V 60HZ

Ultimate Pressure (millitorr)


Oil Capacity (Qt.)

1 1/2

Motor Speed (rpm)


Motor (hp)


Intake Nipple (OD) (Inches)



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