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Agilent IDP tip seal kits for Agilent Vacuum Pump maintenance: These are Maintenance Kits for Model IDP-3, IDP-7, IDP-10, and IDP-15 Dry Scroll Pumps.

Please keep in mind that pricing and equipment varies by IDP model number.

Agilent Dry Scroll Pumps Offer Less downtime, Lower Ownership Costs

  • Traditional pumps demand hours of scheduled maintenance and eliminate expensive oil topping, changing, and disposal | plus the risk of pump seizure
  • Agilent dry scroll pumps require simple tip seal replacements in 2-3 year intervals and can be completed in about 15 minutes.
  • Please check out our video here on how to easily complete this important vacuum pump maintenance task P

Agilent IDP tip seal part numbers:

  • IDP3 Tip Seal | IDP3TS
  • IDP7 & IDP10 | X3807-67000
  • IDP15 | X3815-67000


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Agilent IDP tip seal Kits
Agilent IDP tip seal Kits | For Agilent IDP Pump Series | IDP 3, 7, 10, or 15