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Plunger-Type Vacuum Throttle Valve with KF25 Flange Connection

Product Details

Throttle Control: Industrial Plunger-Type Valve: KF25 Aluminum construction with 1/2″ orifice that includes KF25 clamp and centering ring used for isolation and vacuum control.

  • A fast acting throttle valve with precise control
  • Includes vacuum fittings to adapt to a KF25 flange:
    • Vacuum fittings for Valve (KF25 to .05 NPT adapter, KF25 aluminum wingnut, KF25 aluminum centering ring
  • Part Number: VAL-PLU-0.5-KF25

In a vacuum system, this type of vacuum control is accomplished by installing a throttle valve which works by throttling the pressure between the vacuum pump and the process in order to control the vacuum level. Sometimes, the use of a throttle valve is referred to as downstream control. This type of control helps extend the life of your vacuum pump.

When using a throttling valve to regulate the vacuum level, the valve is a restriction between the two pieces of equipment. It creates a pressure drop between the two, thereby allowing the process to operate at a set pressure while another area’s pressure varies based on loading. Valve selection is critical if this type of control is to be practical. This type of vacuum control can be used over a wide range of vacuum pressure.

Technical Data

Vacuum Range
Cleaned Aluminum: atmosphere  down to 10-6 torr

Leak Rate
<1 x 10-9 std cc/sec. (helium)

Operating Temperature
15° C min to 40° C maximum
Bakeable To –
Non-operating (closed) 125° C
Pulse Voltage/Hold Voltage
24 Volts
Service Life
250,000 cycles
Speed to Open/Close
 Open – 50 ms
Close – 25 ms
Loss of Power Valve 
closes (in < 25 m/sec)



Operation Manual  (refer to pages 4, 13 &14)


StrataVac application

StrataVac with one gauge card, gauge, throttle valve controller card, and throttle valve
• Enables vacuum pressure control using a standard solenoid valve for throttling pump suction
• User can maintain vacuum levels or change levels
• Extends life of pump by enabling pump to run closer to its base pressure
A botanical processor: wants to maintain specific pressure levels in a vacuum oven of about 10 Torr to avoid removing target terpenes while still removing only water.

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