INFICON Pirani STANDARD Gauge PSG550 employs the most advanced digital Pirani technology.

Rugged Design: The rugged sensor design combined with the compact size and the variety of features qualifies as the right product for measurement from low to the high vacuum range.

INFICON Pirani STANDARD Gauge PSG550 Features:

  • Has a D Sub 9 pin Connector and a 1.2 – 8.5 V Measurement Range with 2 set points and EtherCAT Interface
  • Has a Pressure Measurement Range of 5×10-5 mbar (3.75X10-5 Torr) to 1000 mbar (750Torr)
  • This gauge has a D-Sub, 9-pin Connector, EtherCAT Interface

Applications: Can work with virtually any Vacuum Pump or Vacuum Pump System with the proper INFICON signal cable.  The gauge is intended for operation in connection with an INFICON Vacuum Gauge Controller VCG401, 402, 403 or with another suitable controller.

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