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Inland® 45 Rough Pump Oil | 1 Gal.



Inland 45 is the highest quality rough pump oil you can use for your mass spectrometer and scientific instruments


  • Is the newest grade of oil for mechanical vacuum pumps
  • Has a boiling point at 0.01 Torr at 133 degrees Celsius
  • Has a pour point of -59 degrees Celsius
  • Reclaimable and compatible with Viton

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Product Description


Inland 45 permits strain-free cold starts as a result of its low pour point and high viscosity index (its viscosity is lower than that of typical vacuum pump oils at low temperatures). Additionally, because it maintains its viscosity at high temperatures, Inland 45 provides a good seal under full load conditions. It’s unique molecular structure offers properties such as chemical inertness and high-temperature stability superior to those of other high-performance oils such as white oils and low vapor pressure (10-7 torr at 25 deg. C). This oil is recommended for use on all H.P. mass spectrometers as well as other systems where the best vacuum levels and lowest Mass Spectrometer background are required.


Non-toxic, non-corrosive and reclaimable, Inland 45 is compatible with Buna-N, neoprene and Viton elastomers; and miscible with petroleum based oils, Freon, aromatic solvents and flushing fluids.


Inland 45 is equivalent to Agilent Technologies Supergrade Oil # 6040-0834.

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 13 x 13 x 13 in
Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C

1 x 10-7 torr

Boiling Point @ .01 torr

133 °C (271.4 degrees F)

Viscosity @ 40 °C

49 cst

Viscosity @ 100 °C

6.9 cst

Pour Point

-59 °C

Flash Point

264 °C

Fire Point

288 °C


0.83 gm/cc


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