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Rugged Isolated Piezo vacuum sensor | stainless steel hermetically sealed double walled electronic sensor designed for low vacuum pressure applications

  • Stainless Steel hermetically sealed double walled vacuum sensor
  • Measures 0 -20 Inches of Mercury which is an ideal gauge pressure for fuel filter monitoring
  • Sensor readings will go up from baseline as the filters become clogged indicating when a filter should be changed prior to failure

Range: 0-20 inches of mercury
Units: inches of Hg
Accuracy: +/- 1.5% of FS
Vac Interface: 9/16” -18 UNF or ¼” NPT

Output: 5 Volt

Need a 4-20 milliamp current loop output then Contact Us and request SEN-500-UNF vacuum sensor

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Isolated Piezo Vacuum Sensor | Range 0 – 20 inches of mercury