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KF16 to 3/8″ Hose Barb

This KF16 to ⅜” hose barb (QF16 / NW16) adapter is 316 stainless steel and enables high end vacuum equipment to be used with hose connections.

  • Easily connect an IDP3 or other vacuum pump with a KF16 pump to ⅜” or 10mm I.D. hose. Need to purchase vacuum hose? Purchase some here. It is sold in 10 foot increments. Just the number of sections your need for your vacuum system.
  • Make an inexpensive KF16 to KF16 hose using ⅜” ID hose
  • Use your DigiVac VPC with your rotary vane pump KF16 connection

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KF16 to 3/8″ Hose Barb Stainless Steel | Vacuum Fitting