KF40 Vacuum Valve 24V Actuated | 26.4 HV Angle Valve

Product Details

  • This KF40 Vacuum Valve 24V provides uncompromised reliability
  • HV Angle Valve
  • Manufactured by VAT
  • Product code: Val-Bel-KF40-Vac-24

KF40 electromechanical bellows type angle aluminum isolation valve 100V with 24V actuation.  The 26.4 HV Angle Valve Includes custom power cable so it works with StrataVac Control.

Technical Data

Size DN 40  (1 ½”)
Flange ISO-KF
Material Aluminum
Receiving flask
 5.28 gallon (20 liters or 0.7 cu ft)
Actuator Electromagnetic, single acting closing spring
Position Indication Signal Yes
Pressure Min. 1 × 108 mbar
Pressure Max. 2.0 bar (abs)
Conductance 45 ls⁻¹
Differential Pressure on the Gate ≤ 2 bar
Differential Pressure at Opening ≤ 1 bar
 Close Open Time 0.20 s
Max. Temperature Valve Body ≤ 50 °C
Max. Temperature Actuator ≤ 50 °C
Weight 2 kg / 4.41 lbs



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26.4 HV Angle KF40 Vacuum Valve 24V