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This KF25 Oil Mist Eliminator, MIDI-MIST helps remove harmful oil vapors from oil-filled vacuum pump exhaust features coalescing filters.

The MIDI-MIST® oil mist eliminator from Mass-Vac:

  • Removes oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust
  • Clear sump provides easy visual inspection of filter condition
  • Coalescing filters require little maintenance
  • Prevents oil residue from settling on walls, floors, furniture, and equipment

MassVac Model PUMP-XFIL-MV-360300 MIDI-MIST Stainless steel oil mist eliminator with KF25 on inlet and 1” hose termination on exhaust, includes pleated low-resistance micro-fiberglass filter element.  This filter would work with any vacuum pump exhaust that has a KF25 interface, or up to 25 CFM. Takes Replacement filters 360915

An MV MIDI-MIST® oil mist eliminator attaches to your pump’s exhaust line, directing the exhaust through a pleated, low-resistance microfiber-glass coalescing filter that removes mist before it gets into the room air. The clear styrene sump provides direct inspection of the status of the filter without disassembly.

MV oil mist eliminators remove harmful oil vapors from oil-lubricated vacuum pump exhaust streams to prevent them from being inhaled by workers and settling onto furniture, walls, and instruments. The eliminators feature microfiber-glass coalescing filter elements with 0.1-µm pore size that provide 99.9999% efficiency.

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KF25 Oil Mist Eliminator
MIDI-MIST® Oil Mist Eliminator for Vacuum Pump Exhaust | 25 CFM